16 Aug

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11 Apr

Well done, Bailey Jay!


Look at that tgirl, isn’t she a beauty? Well, Bailey Jay is really gaining a lot of fans and admirers and if I didn’t look up to this one, I would probably end up envying this beautiful creature. You know that I, Morgan Bailey, am a bit competitive but I just have to give it to her this time. She deserved her win in the recent AVN awards and the way I see it, there will be more awards for this looker. If you don’t believe me, judge her for yourself in her personal site, http://baileyjay.biz now!

10 Jun

Morgan Bailey enjoys pissing



Hello, everyone! I have been away for a while because I had to get some fresh air and relax after a fucking busy year. You know, countryside is wonderful; I like it better than fashionable beaches packed with pompous freaks. The only embracing thing is that you cannot find a WC every time you feel like peeing ))) Ha-ha! I found a perfect way out! I had no idea that my vicious boyfriend is watching me. Believe me I have punished him for taking pictures of me peeing! Well, this way or another that pictures are fun and I share them with you ))



27 May

Morgan Bailey sea adventures



Hello, naughty guys! I am back with a set of sexy pics of myself. I know you will enjoy them exactly the way I did while taking them. You know, I absolutely am crazy about playing sexy games. It is such fun to put on one mask after another and feel absolutely different even if you have nothing but your boyfriend’s familiar cock at your disposal. This time I was a strict sea-woman and my captain made me do so many fucking dirty things for him! Oh, what a vicious freak! He made me absolutely exhausted that evening!



19 May

Morgan Bailey and Victoria Di Prada practicing threesome

Hello, horny folks! I have a fucking great surprise for you tonight! Have you been naughty enough to get it? Well, well, I do believe that you did your best to fuck somebody’s brain out! Now enjoy my treat – wild threesome with Victoria and some lucky stag whose dick was long and fat enough to please us. It seemed like Vic would never give me a chance of riding that perfect fuck-tool. She is absolutely insatiable! )) It is such fun to suck and ride a throbbing manly cock when you know that soon both our tools will be probing his innocent fuckholes!


27 Apr

Pleasing a hot blind guy

Hi, my dirty admirers! This time you will be stunned and surprised by what I did yesterday. I met a young blind man with a walking stick on the street and helped him find the shop he wanted. For some reason I felt a strong desire to milk the lovely stag dry. I decided to yield to this wish and in less than one hour we were back at my place having the most stunning 69 sex I have ever enjoyed in my life! The guy is a real miracle. I will definitely call him one day for another stunning blind fuck.


02 Apr

Morgan Bailey becomes hard chopping wood



Hello, my filthy fans )) As you might remember I enjoy the countryside and I decided to spend my weekend in a small private cottage deep in the woods. It was absolutely wonderful! I had the most thrilling experience of chopping wood for the first time in my life. The brutality of the process and the tough old ax in my hands made me so horny that very soon I was back in the room, all hot, sweaty and horny, literally raping my poor dosing boyfriend! It was dark when I finally had enough of his hot strong body and young fat cock…



28 Mar

Morgan Bailey and Ashley George blow cameramen’s mind

Good day to hard cocks and my dear friends of course! I am glad to be back with a sweet taste of delight that helps me plunge into the very depths of sex adventures. I had a long-awaited sex event this week – my true friend and old-time lover Ashley George was coming to my city for just one day! We had the sweetest dickgirl time imaginable and finally found ourselves in the studio of some acquaintance of mine. As a result you can enjoy a wonderful playful set of pics featuring both Ashley and me, undressing and having fun. Feel free to see every thrilling detail ))


17 Mar

Morgan Bailey and Olivia Love share a black cock



Hello, you boys and girls! It is time to tell you about sex adventures that come my way every time Olivia Love comes to stay at my place for a day or too. This naughty slut simply draws crazy fuckers just like fire attracts silly moths. This time a huge well-hung black guy came to sit at our table when we went out for a drink and offered us exciting threesome fuck. Who would say ‘no’ to a tasty bulge in the tight pants of the huge ebony guy? In less than one hour we were busy worshiping the perfect fuck-tool of the lucky chocolate stag!



27 Feb

Morgan Bailey serving lustful Tom Moore

Guess who’s here! Your today’s treat will be especially spicy and hot because I met Tom Moor yesterday! This tireless and merciless fucking machine with pierced nipples and rock hard huge cock drills like there is no tomorrow and makes you feel like his huge tool is about to come out of your throat! He is absolutely amazing! He oozes sex from every pore and makes you want to obey and serve him the moment he takes off his pants. I had the best fucking time in my life! My ass is still feeling his cock deep inside!